Opium and Cannabis Surveys


Afghanistan Opium Survey 2008 (UNODC, November 2008)


Afghanistan Opium Survey 2009: Summary findings (UNODC, September 2009)


Afghanistan Cannabis Survey 2009 (UNODC, April 2010)


Afghanistan Opium Survey 2010: Summary findings (UNODC, September 2010)


Afghanistan Opium Survey 2011: Summary findings (UNODC, October 2011)

Afghanistan Opium Survey 2011: Winter Rapid Assessment for the Central, Eastern, Southern and Western Regions (UNODC, January 2011)


Afghanistan Opium Survey 2012: Opium Risk Assessment for all Regions (Phase 1&2) (UNODC, April 2012)


Afghanistan Drug Report

Afghanistan Drug Report 2012


  Afghanistan Drug Report 2013

  Afghanistan Drug Report 2015

Afghan Drug Use Surveys


Drug Use Survey 2010: Sarpoza Prison, Kandahar, Afghanistan: Assessment of drug use levels and associated high-risk behaviours amongst the prison  population of Sarpoza Prison, Kandahar (UNODC, June 2010)


Drug Use in Afghanistan: Executive Summary (UNODC 2009)


Situational Analysis of Drug users in Afghan refugees Camps of NWFP, Pakistan (UNODC 2005-2006)


Drug Use in Afghanistan: Final report (UNODC 2005)


Other relevant documents


Opiate flows through northern Afghanistan and Central Asia: A threat assessment (UNODC, May 2012)


Addiction, Crime and Insurgency: The transnational threat of Afghan opium (UNODC, October 2009)


UNODC and illicit crop monitoring (all reports)


June 2008 Report

April 2008 Report


Afghanistan's Drug Industry 2007