UNODC launches Training Programme for Juvenile Offenders in Kandahar

Poppy farmer

10 October 2010 - UNODC has launched a vocational training programme for juvenile offenders in Kandahar City in August. Housed under difficult conditions, the 22 boys and 3 girls are receiving tailoring and literacy classes from a local Afghan NGO called Humanitarian Action for the People of Afghanistan (HAPA).

With support of the Government of Canada, materials and equipment such as sewing machines, have been purchased for the training. The World Food Programme provides food to the inmates and their families as an additional form of support.

At the end of the programme, the children will receive tool kits to help them put their newly acquired skills into practice. The training programme will encourage the children to reintegrate into society and take up gainful employment once they leave the Juvenile Rehabilitation Centre (JRC).

HAPA will also assist the trainees in finding employment opportunities and markets for their products. The equipment used for the training will remain with the JCR to train future generations of juvenile offenders.

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