Pakistan's Action to Counter Terrorism (PACT) with Special Reference to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa 


PROJECT DURATION: January 2017 - December 2019


LOCATION: Pakistan


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The overall objective is to contribute to the fight against terrorism in Pakistan, and in particular in KPK, through improved criminal justice process.




It has three specific objectives:




1. To enhance investigations processes and the use of forensic evidence by the KPK Police Counter Terrorism Department for the preparation of terrorism cases

  • Expected result 1: CT investigations processes are improved and result in more thoroughly prepared cases for prosecution that can stand up to judicial scrutiny.
  • Outputs:

- Cooperation and coordination mechanisms on a terrorist incident strengthened;

- within CTD, investigation methods and tools improved;

- CTD training enhanced;

- oversight mechanisms for CT investigation strengthened;

  • Expected result 2: Quality of forensic evidential packages is enhanced and their use in the preparation of CT case is increased
  • Outputs: KPK Forensic Sciences Laboratory (FSL) Processes enhance


2. To strengthen the capacity of the KPK Prosecution Directorate and Judiciary to effectively prosecute and adjudicate terrorist cases

  • Expected result 1: prosecutorial procedures are improved, technical skills of prosecutors enhanced and their early engagement with KPK police on investigations reinforced, thus resulting in more effective prosecution of terrorism cases
  • Outputs:supervision of investigation and prosecution enhanced through mentoring and training
  • Expected result 2: Coordination mechanisms among provincial criminal justice institutions (especially Police, Prosecution and Judiciary) on anti-terrorism cases are improved and a common understanding of forensic and criminal information analysis is established, thus resulting in judicial decisions that more effectively counter terrorism organisations
  • Outputs: appropriate coordination mechanisms between police, prosecution and judiciary in place with common understanding of forensic and criminal information analysis
  • Expected result 3: Regular and improved analysis and reporting on prosecution processes are produced and feed into the Home Department's review of terrorism cases prosecution and trends
  • Outputs: Analysis and research on CT at prosecution level enhanced (including supporting tools)


3. To improve provincial and interprovincial coordination on counter terrorism, to strengthen capacity on CT related strategic analysis and to promote greater judicial integrity and human rights compliant judicial processes on terrorism cases

  • Expected result 1: Structures and procedures for interprovincial, provincial and interagency coordination and cooperation are designed and established, as feasible. As a result, strategic assessments are more regularly established by NACTA and KPK Home Department based on reports on information/management of terrorism cases
  • Outputs: coordination, analysis and research at Federal level improved
  • Expected result 2: Mechanisms for enhancing the integrity of judicial processes are put in place, including guidelines and monitoring mechanisms to ensure that intelligence evidence is produced and used in full respect of human rights and that victims and witnesses are properly handled and duly protected in investigations and prosecutions of terrorism cases
  • Outputs: integrity of judicial process enhanced
  • Expected result 3: Policy analysis on witness protection programmes is developed and made available to national decision makers
  • Outputs: knowledge about witness protection programmes and protection of judges and prosecutors available to decision makers


Direct beneficiaries of the project will be the different actors of the criminal justice chain dealing with anti-terrorism in Pakistan, and more specifically in KPK.

- At the national level:

  • Ministry of Interior and Narcotic Control: the National Counter Terrorism Authority (NACTA), ICT Police
  • Ministry of Law, Justice and Human Rights: Federal Judicial Academy, Law and Justice Commission;

- At the provincial (KPK) level:

  • KPK Home and Tribal Affairs Department: (1) Department of Police: Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) and (2) Department of Prosecution: future Counter Terrorism Cell
  • KPK Law Department:  Provincial Judicial Academies


Indirect beneficiaries are the people of KPK and Pakistan, who will have access to a more efficient and human law compliant judicial chain and who will live in a safer environment.


News & Events:

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