Improving regional law enforcement cooperation

Effective law enforcement cooperation at the international level is essential to combating the transnational threats of drug trafficking, human trafficking and organized crime. Capacity building in this area is a significant component of many UNODC field activities. The Central Asian Regional Information and Coordination Centre (CARICC) project is one of the most ambitious and innovative coordination projects implemented by UNODC.

CARICC serves as a regional focal point for communication, analysis and exchange of operational information in "real time" on cross-border crime, as well as a centre for organization and coordination of joint operations. As a result, the effectiveness and cooperation between competent authorities in participating countries in preventing and combating cross-border drug trafficking and international drug-related organized crime is being greatly strengthened.

SUCCESS STORY: CARICC has already demonstrated its efficiency and operational capacities. CARICC's achievements to date include serving as the regional focal point for Operation TARCET and controlled delivery exercises. In June 2008, as a result of coordination and exchange of information through CARICC, law enforcement officers in Turkmenistan seized 28 kg of heroin at the Turkmen-Iranian border and in Azerbaijan - 41 kg of heroin at the Azerbaijan-Iran border. CARICC-coordinated joint operations to date have led to the dismantling of 13 drug trafficking groups and the seizure of more than 210 kg of heroin.