Ongoing projects: Corruption


XAC/X51 - "Strenghthening capacities of the GUAM Member States to cooperate at the national and regional levels in combating money-laundering as well as in seizing and confiscating crime proceeds"

The project seeks to promote a regional approach to counter money laundering in the GUAM Member States (Ukraine, Moldova,Georgia and Azerbaijan) and, at the same time, to strengthen inter-agency cooperation of these States at the national levels. This two-folded objective will be achieved through a) reviewing national inter-agency cooperation mechanisms in each country  and recommending their improvement based on best practices of the countries with the advanced AML regimes that will be shared among GUAM relevant national authorities, b) increasing the effectiveness of both law enforcement and judicial international cooperation in money laundering and asset forfeiture casework by conducting relevant regional workshops and c) providing personal networking opportunities to very senior anti-money laundering policy makers, FIU, law enforcement and judicial personnel.