Ongoing projects: Drug Prevention and Treatment

GLO/KO1 - "Prevention of drug use, HIV/AIDS and crime among young people through family skills training programmes in low- and middle-income countries

This project has previously implemented and will continue to implement evidence-based family skills training programmes to prevent drug use, HIV/AIDS, crime and delinquency among young people. These programmes will strengthen and improve the capacity of families to take better care of children in 2 different sites in up to 21 different countries in 4 regions during the project's three phases. Local government agencies and/or non-governmental organisations in low- and middle- income countries will be supported by UNODC Field Offices in translating and systematically adapting evidence-based family skills training programmes to fit the local culture and language. They will be evaluated following a rigorous research methodology by local and international research institutes. This way the project will build the capacity of local institutions to develop, implement, monitor and evaluate family skills training programmes. This project does not cover Uzbekistan.


GLO/J71 - "Partnership for Action on Comprehensive Treatment (PACT) - Treating drug dependence and its health consequences / OFID-UNODC Joint Programme to prevent HIV/AIDS through Treatnet Phase II"

This project, building on lessons learned from the predecessor project GLO/H43, addresses the limited technical capacity for the provision of diversified and effective drug treatment and rehabilitation services, including their capacity to support HIV/AIDS prevention and care. It consists of the provision of technical assistance, identification and dissemination of good practices while exploring the possibilities for maintaining and enhancing field level activities. A global Partnership for Action on Comprehensive Treatment (PACT) will be launched in collaboration with WHO, to increase the level of awareness on addiction as a treatable multifactorial disease and effective drug dependence treatment and support its implementation.


RER/V09 - "Sub-programme 3 of the Regional Programme on Aghanistan and Neighbouring Countries - Prevention and Treatment of Addiction Among Vulnerable Groups"

The sub-programme 3 on Drug use prevention, drug dependence treatment and care, HIV and AIDS prevention and care in the community and in prison settings profiles the outcomes and outputs including a three-year work-plan and results based matrix for technical cooperation with the eight countries in the region under the new UNODC Regional Programme for Afghanistan and Neighbouring countries 2011 - 2014. This paper conceptualizes how UNODC, international partners and respective national counterparts will manage this broad programme of work; and describes implementation arrangements, including programme governance, internal management mechanisms, financing arrangements and a monitoring, reporting and evaluation framework.