Ongoing projects: Precursor Trafficking

RER/E29 - "Precursors control in Central Asia (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan) and Azerbaijan"

The project was launched in late 2004. However, after considering both the seriousness of the drug trafficking situation and the urgent need to take measures to promote regional cooperation and consulting with project donors the participating countries, it was agreed that a pilot phase would be introduced in order to start initial operations of the Centre. It was agreed this should occur without further delays - i.e. before the Agreement enters into force.
The pilot phase of CARICC was launched on November 1 2007.The CARICC Agreement then entered into force on March 22 2009. The Host government agreement was signed with the Government of Kazakhstan in September 2009, thus allowing the Center's full scale operations.
Activities of the Centre are supported by core staff (selected on a competitive basis from the law enforcement agencies of the participating countries) and by liaison officers from each participating state. Provisions have also been made for liaison officers from other interested countries and international organisations including Interpol, Europol, and the World Customs Organisation, in order to facilitate cooperation and information flow.