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  • BEL010Correctional Tribunal of Gent 16-11-2009
  • 2200,en,/case-law-doc/migrantsmugglingcrimetype/bel/2009/correctional_tribunal_of_gent_16-11-2009.html
  • Belgium
    Verdict Date: 2009-11-16
    Sentence Date : 2009-11-16
  • The victim was brought from China to Spain at the age of 11, and forced to work in order to pay back the travel expenses. The defendants claimed to be related to the victim and stated that the victim had moved to Belgium because she was unhappy in Spain. The victim was working at the defendants’ restaurant, where she served the visitors. She was paid EURO 6/hour and was also offered accommodation. 

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  • BEL006Court of Appeals of Antwerp, 28-03-2007
  • 2200,en,/case-law-doc/migrantsmugglingcrimetype/bel/2007/court_of_appeals_of_antwerp_28-03-2007.html
  • Belgium
    Verdict Date: 2007-03-28
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  • BEL003C/118/2013 [2013]
  • 2200,en,/case-law-doc/traffickingpersonscrimetype/bel/2013/c1182013_2013.html
  • Belgium
    Verdict Date: 2013-01-23
    Sentence Date : 2013-01-23
  • Defendant 1, a Portuguese trader; Defendant 2, a Portuguese servant; Defendant 3, a Portuguese manager; and Defendant 4, Batisoft Ltd. were charged with human trafficking under the following aggravating circumstances: the victim’s particularly vulnerable position was abused; the activity had taken place on a continuous basis; and the crime was committed in the capacity of an association between 1 August 2008 and 13 May 2009, in Brugge, Sint-Joost-Ten-Node, and elsewhere in Belgium.

    From the testimony of the victim and the conducted investigation, it was proven that employees at Batisoft Ltd. were not provided with safety clothes for their work. The victim also complained about excessive working hours. The victim did not have a legal permit to stay in Belgium, but was free to come and go.

    The Court of Appeal ruled against the Court of First Instance, and reversed the guilty verdict of the defendants.

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  • BEL001Not. Nr. 1214/07
  • 2200,en,/case-law-doc/traffickingpersonscrimetype/bel/2010/not._nr._121407_.html
  • Belgium
    Verdict Date: 2010-01-25
    Sentence Date : 2010-01-25
  • The victim, S., was discovered on 28 January 2006 on board a ship for inland navigation working as a sailor. He did not have a working permit, and therefore was considered an illegal alien. The victim had worked as a sailor on the ship since 8 December 2005, and had been hired by Defendant 1, the ship owner.

    The victim declared that he had been contracted through an official agency (Sanara). This agency was recruiting Romanian shipping crews to work in Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium. The victim had an individual contract for embarkation, written in English. The victim stated that although he did not speak English, he understood that he would receive a monthly wage of EUR 750 plus board and lodging, and was also aware of the expected work load. These conditions made him decide to travel to Antwerp, Belgium. From the victim’s testimony, it may be concluded that he had worked voluntarily and under the conditions he had agreed to. Furthermore, the victim was receiving even a higher salary than originally agreed upon, of EUR 900 a month. Defendant 1 stated that the victim worked as an independent worker. Every month the victim presented an invoice for his services to Defendant 1, and the money was paid accordingly.

    Defendant 2, the captain of the ship, declared that the ship usually navigated only 5 days a week. He also stated that the victim was responsible for keeping the ship clean and in good condition, and for  facilitating passage through the lock-gates. Working hours for the captain himself and the victim were not fixed, falling between 06:00 and 22:00, but often finishing earlier at around 19:30.

    Both Defendants declared that the victim was provided the same meals as Defendant 2. The Court concluded that these statements were likely to be true, because the victim in his testimony did not complain about the meals.

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  • BEL002Not. 668/09 [2010]
  • 2200,en,/case-law-doc/traffickingpersonscrimetype/bel/2010/not._66809_2010.html
  • Belgium
    Verdict Date: 2010-06-17
    Sentence Date : 2010-02-17
  • The case concerns trafficking in Chinese nationals for the purpose of exploitation in the construction sector. Three defendants (one of them a restaurant owner and one a restaurant manager) were accused of exploiting Chinese nationals between June and July 2006.

    The Chinese victims worked on a construction site (rebuilding a Chinese restaurant) six or seven days a week from 8 am to 11 am and from 4 pm  to 6 or 7 pm.  At the time of the victims’ testimonies to the police, they had not received any salary for their work and did not know what amount of payment they were to receive.  

    Defendant 1, the restaurant owner, had been responsible for the recruitment of the victims and for their transfer to the construction site. The victims did not have a working permit in Belgium and were only allowed to stay in the country for three months.

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  • BEL009Marine Cruising Company
  • 2200,en,/case-law-doc/traffickingpersonscrimetype/bel/2009/marine_cruising_company.html
  • Belgium
    Verdict Date: 2009-02-18
  • A number of Lithuanian employees declared that they had to pay USD 500 to be transported to Belgium. Many of them also stated that they had been promised higher salaries when they were recruited.

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  • BEL026Court of Appeals of Mons 27-11-2009
  • 2200,en,/case-law-doc/traffickingpersonscrimetype/bel/2009/court_of_appeals_of_mons_27-11-2009.html
  • Belgium
    Verdict Date: 2009-11-27
    Sentence Date : 2009-11-27
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  • BEL022First Instance Tribunal of Charleroi 12-06-2009
  • 2200,en,/case-law-doc/traffickingpersonscrimetype/bel/2009/first_instance_tribunal_of_charleroi_12-06-2009.html
  • Belgium
    Verdict Date: 2009-06-12
    Sentence Date : 2009-06-12
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  • BEL028First Instance Tribunal of Liege 29-06-2009
  • 2200,en,/case-law-doc/traffickingpersonscrimetype/bel/2009/first_instance_tribunal_of_liege_29-06-2009.html
  • Belgium
    Verdict Date: 2009-06-29
    Sentence Date : 2009-06-29
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  • BEL005Limited Liability Company T.C. et al.
  • 2200,en,/case-law-doc/traffickingpersonscrimetype/bel/2009/limited_liability_company_t.c._et_al..html
  • Belgium
    Verdict Date: 2009-04-06
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