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  • BRA069Processo nº 2005.03.99.009508-0 18548
  • 2200,en,/case-law-doc/traffickingpersonscrimetype/bra/2006/processo_n_2005.03.99.009508-0_18548.html
  • Brazil
    Verdict Date: 2006-03-20
    Sentence Date : 2006-03-20
  • In October 1993, the victims went to the Brazilian General Consulate in Zurich to report that the defendants were recruiting women to become prostitutes in Switzerland. Their statements were later sent to the Brazilian Federal Police.

    According to the Police investigations, the victims were offered jobs as dancers at a night club in Lugano, where the defendant, E.R.S., worked. They were promised a monthly salary of USD 4,000 if they performed two shows a night.

    Moreover, the defendant, R.A.M. stated that E.R.S. requested for R.A.M. to send her some pictures of the women who wanted to work there. All of the pictures were taken by the photographer, S.M., and paid by the victims. S.M. claimed to know R.A.M., to have talked to E.R.S. and G.V. and to have taken pictures of A.P.B.O. during two different times, once dressed as a receptionist and then as a dancer. S.M. stated that he usually took pictures of girls for Swiss businessmen and that he had given other pictures that he had taken of others to the agency that hired the victims.

    Furthermore, the victims obtained their work permits at the Swiss consulate, with the defendant, R.A.M. stated as their personal reference. R.A.M. also persuaded the victims to buy winter clothes, since the weather would be cold in Switzerland. 

    The victims’ airline tickets were purchased through the defendant’s, J.E.D.L.’s, travel agency. R.A.M. worked for this agency as a freelancer and received a 4% commission on the price of each ticket sold. According to J.E.D.L.’s deposition, R.A.M. often sold tickets to women travelling to Switzerland, which was done using duplicate invoices that R.A.M. modified accordingly. J.E.D.L. also said that the defendant, E.R.S., once visited his agency accompanied by R.A.M.

    The victims’ employment agreements were written in Switzerland by the agency that was hiring them. The agreements were then sent to J.E.D.L.’s travel agency for the girls to sign. All the negotiations were made through R.A.M.

    At the airport in Brazil, the victims were provided two blank promissory notes that they were required to sign, otherwise they were not allowed to board the plane. According to the victim’s, A.P.B.O.’s, deposition, she travelled with five other women. Upon their arrival in Lugano, they were welcomed by the defendant, E.R.S., who claimed to be R.A.M.’s cousin, and also by G.V., who was the owner of the agency. The victims  were then separated from the other women. According to the victim, R.S.S., the defendant E.R.S. informed them that all of their debt was due for collection, including the debt for her travel expenses to Switzerland, which the defendant, R.A.M. initially helped pay.

    The victims claimed that the promise of receiving a monthly salary of USD 4,000 for performing two shows a night was not real. In contrast, they sometimes had to perform three times a night and, in order to make extra money for survival and to pay their debts, the victims had to let the clients treat them as they pleased - taking them into private rooms where the clients were granted the ability  to touch the victims as they wanted and even to have sexual intercourse with them. Because the victim, A.P.B.O., was familiar with R.A.M.’s frequent contact with the agency, she commented on being familiar with the possibility of becoming a prostitute.  

    Upon their initial arrival, the victims remained in Switzerland for two years and were only able to return to Brazil with the help of the Swiss Police.

    The victims did not testify during the defendants’ trial.

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  • BRA045Processo n 0006554-23.2010.4.05.0000
  • 2200,en,/case-law-doc/traffickingpersonscrimetype/bra/2010/processo_n_0006554-23.2010.4.05.0000.html
  • Brazil
    Verdict Date: 2010-06-05
  • The defendant M.L. continuously promoted the output of several Brazilian women for the purpose of sexual exploitation in Italy. The facts that formed the basis of the indictment in this case occurred primarily between 2009 and 2010. An investigation by the Federal Police found that the co-defendant Ferdinando Brito, following the orders of the Italian M.L.,  recruited Brazilian women and sent the victims to Italy, where they would work as prostitutes at night clubs. The defendants used fraud and abused the vulnerability of the victims. The liberty of the victims was restrained. A lot of the victims fled after the first months.The Police authority verified, through telephone interceptions, that several victims had been deprived of their liberty, had not received any salary for months, and had been forced to work even when they were sick, without any medical assistance.

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  • BRA047Processo n 97.0104597-1
  • 2200,en,/case-law-doc/traffickingpersonscrimetype/bra/2010/processo_n_97.0104597-1.html
  • Brazil
    Verdict Date: 2010-01-29
    Sentence Date : 2010-01-29
  • On 16 September 1997, the defendant Lee Chien Mao was arrested in flagrant delicto, at a flight from Brazil to China, while tried to promote the output of the victims E.M. and L.V.V. for the purpose of sexual exploitation in Taipe, Taiwan.The defendant recruited the victims E.M. and L.V.V, who by the time of the facts were minors, to work as prostitutes in Taiwan, promising them 3,000 dollars per month.The defendant cooperated with Guinalva Adriane Alves dos Santos who was the manager of a prostitution agency in Caxias do Sul, Brazil. It was this place where false documents, photos of naked women and pornographic material were found. At the same place, Guinalva intermediated sexual encounters and harboured a lot of minors. It is important to say that the process was dismembered in relation to the defendant Guinalva Adriane Alves dos Santos.

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  • BRA046Processo n 2007.05.00.088769-6
  • 2200,en,/case-law-doc/traffickingpersonscrimetype/bra/2010/processo_n_2007.05.00.088769-6.html
  • Brazil
    Verdict Date: 2010-11-20
  • In 2001, the defendant Rosana Pereira Martins recruited the victims O.A.S. and F.F.V. for the purpose of sexual exploitation in Spain. The defendant deceived the victims by promising them a job as waitresses in a restaurant at Llanes, Spain. The defendant organized the whole trip and even paid for their tickets and passports. Once the victims arrived in Spain, they were forced to work as prostitutes, being kept as “prisoners”.

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  • BRA010Ministerio Publico Federal v Andreas Schwuarz
  • 2200,en,/case-law-doc/traffickingpersonscrimetype/bra/ministerio_publico_federal_v_andreas_schwuarz.html
  • Brazil
  • The defendant has promoted the victim’s travel from Brazil to Europe (initially to Germany, then to Switzerland), the place where the victim was sexually explored as a prostitute and was kept in a false imprisonment.

    The defendant obliged the victim to charge 200 Francos of each of client and to present a minimum daily income 1.000 Francos.

    During the investigations was found that the modus operandi used by the defendant to bring girls to Europe for prostitution was: initially he simulated the advent of a feeling between him and the victim, after he had won their trust, he offered them "work" in Europe providing yet passports and payment of all relevant expenses; once arrived in Europe, he forced them into prostitution.

    An official document n. 87/88 issued by the German Embassy in Brasilia, indicates the involvement of the accused in several other previous offenses, including prostitution, and even condemnation in Germany.

    For Judge of the case was sufficiently proven that the defendant promoted the exit of the victim J.D.P.A. of Brazil to Europe (primarily Germany, then to Switzerland), where there was exploitation of the prostitution.

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  • BRA039Processo n 0004205-40.2011.404.0000
  • 2200,en,/case-law-doc/traffickingpersonscrimetype/bra/2011/processo_n_0004205-40.2011.404.0000.html
  • Brazil
    Verdict Date: 2011-08-18
  • The defendants Maribel Fernandes Pinto, Ernani Fernandes da Silva and Jaime Lorensi promoted the output of the victims H.B.F.S., C.O.M. and E.L.G. for the purpose of sexual exploitation in Germany. The defendants used deception and abused of the vulnerability of the victims. On February 25 of 1999, the victims travelled  to Hamburg, Germany. Once the victims arrived in Germany with the defendant Jaime, they all were deported by the argument that they didn’t have economic means to maintain themselves in that country. They also promoted the output of the victim A.H. with the use of fraud for the purpose of sexual exploitation in Spain. The defendants had offered to the victim A.H. the opportunity to work in Spain with the tubular furniture field. Arriving in Spain she was submitted to sexual exploitation at the nightclub “La Tortuga” in Ibiza. She refused to do so and was forced to sell drinks at the same club. The defendant Maribel Fernandes was responsible for the recruitment of the victims and harboured some victims in her residence. The defendant Ernani Fernandes paid for all the costs of the trip, including for the documents necessaries.  The defendant Jaime Lorensi was contracted by the defendant Ernani Fernandes to coordinate the victims’ travel, was responsible for the reception of the victims at the airport, giving them all the documents necessaries for the trip, and even accompanied the victims during the travel to Germany.

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  • BRA041Processo n 0017108-17.2010.4.05.0000
  • 2200,en,/case-law-doc/traffickingpersonscrimetype/bra/2011/processo_n_0017108-17.2010.4.05.0000.html
  • Brazil
    Verdict Date: 2011-11-30
    Sentence Date : 2011-11-30
  • On January 07, 2010, the defendant Andreas Schwarz promoted the output of the victim J.D.P.A. for the purpose of sexual exploitation to Switzerland.

    Once in Switzerland, the victim J.D.P.A. was forced to work as prostitute, being kept locked in a “private jail” and the defendant also forced the victim to pay him about a thousand Swiss francs a day. Each program was worth about two hundred Swiss francs.

    The investigation began after the deposition of M.C.C.S. who had a relationship with the defendant Andreas Schwarz. M.C.C.S. discovered what happened to the victim J.D.P.A. by phone messages sent by the victim describing that she was in a terrible and dangerous situation. M.C.C.S. also described the modus operandi used by the defendant Andreas Schwarz to choose the women he would take to Europe for the purpose of sexual exploitation. Initially, he deceived the victims pretending to be in love with them, and after having gained their trust, he asked them to get other women interested to work in Europe. The defendant arranged the trips and even paid for their passports.

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  • BRA022Processo nº 0007379-88.2000.4.03.6105
  • 2200,en,/case-law-doc/traffickingpersonscrimetype/bra/2012/processo_n_0007379-88.2000.4.03.6105.html
  • Brazil
    Verdict Date: 2012-07-08
    Sentence Date : 2012-07-08
  • The defendant promoted the output of several Brazilian women for the purpose of sexual exploitation in Europe.

    In June 1999, the defendant sent the victims S.P.J. and C.E. to Benicaci-Castellon, Spain, where they would work as prostitutes at the club known as Capricho. The defendant provided them with about U$400,00, tickets and housing. In 2002, she sent the victim P.F.T. to Spain for the same purpose of sexual exploitation. The defendant was also responsible for organizing the trip, paying for the tickets and housing.

    According to P.F.T.'s testimony, the defendant had not informed her about the conditions of the work in Spain. The victim also said that the expenses for the trip were later paid back to the defendant from her earnings as a prostitute in the club BACOS, where she was forced to work until she could pay for the whole expenses.

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  • BRA019Processo nº 0001389-24.2002.4.03.6113
  • 2200,en,/case-law-doc/traffickingpersonscrimetype/bra/2011/processo_n_0001389-24.2002.4.03.6113.html
  • Brazil
    Verdict Date: 2011-12-13
    Sentence Date : 2011-12-13
  • Between 1996 and 2002, the defendant Sandra Regina Paim, with the purpose of profit, promoted the output of several Brazilian women to Spain, where they would work as prostitutes.

    The criminal prosecution was established from the brief of the victim E.G., who reported that the defendant had offered her to work as a prostitute at a casino, located in the city of Castellon Della Plana, Spain. Once the victim accepted the proposal, the defendant convinced the mother of E.G. to let her go, organized the trip, paid for the tickets and documents needed.

    E.G. was not the only victim of Sandra Regina Paim, the defendant recruited several Brazilian women for the same purpose. E.G. said in her testimony that Sandra arranged a meeting to explain the details of the trip. During the meeting the defendant introduced the women to a Spanish man known as Pepe and explained that she would gain one thousand dollars for each woman she sends to Spain.

    Due to some problems, the victim E.G. decided to return to Brazil. Trough the intervention of Brazilian Police, via Interpol, she returned. However, on February 20, 1998, just a few days after the victim came back to Brazil, the defendant sought the victim, forcing her to return to Spain to pay off her debt. The defendant threatened the victim, who decided to go back. The victim was robbed on the day of her departure, which made her stay in the city of Franca, Brazil.

    Another victim, E.M.R., in her deposition endorsed the statements of E.G. about the fact that Sandra Paim promoted the output of Brazilian women for the purpose of commercial sexual exploitation. She reported that the defendant persuaded her to work as prostitute in Spain, what she did during three months. She also informed that in the same month of her departure, many other women were sent to Spain by Sandra Paim.

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  • BRA015Processo n 89.0040455-5
  • 2200,en,/case-law-doc/traffickingpersonscrimetype/bra/1996/processo_n_89.0040455-5.html
  • Brazil
    Verdict Date: 1996-03-01
    Sentence Date : 1996-03-01
  • The defendant traveled to the city of Athens, in Greece, fixing residence there and returning permanently to Brazil only in October 1986. This year, invited his nieces E.A.S. and L.M.S.A. to live in that Greek city, where they would work as baby-sitters for children and offered to pay their airplane tickets. The invitation was accepted by the girls and they arrived in Athens on February 8, 1986. On June 14 of that year, A.L.O. having received the same proposal went to the same town. The defendant, frustrated the expectations of the young girls, forced them to engage into prostitution.

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