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  • TUR010Case No. 2007/4540
  • 2200,en,/case-law-doc/traffickingpersonscrimetype/tur/2007/case_no._20074540.html
  • Turkey
    Verdict Date: 2007-06-11
    Sentence Date : 2007-06-11
  • The victim in this case was a female adult of Ukrainian nationality. The victim travelled to Istanbul to work as a cook after seeing a job advertisement in a newspaper. After her arrival in Turkey, the victim was transferred to Nevşehir, Turkey by Musa Savsak who paid USD 1,700 to the person who advertised for the job in the newspaper. Musa Savsak and Yasin Savsak forced the victim into prostitution through the use of violence, threats and fraud.

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  • TUR007Case No. 2007/952
  • 2200,en,/case-law-doc/traffickingpersonscrimetype/tur/2008/case_no._2007952.html
  • Turkey
    Verdict Date: 2008-04-15
    Sentence Date : 2008-04-15
  • The case involves more than one victim; however the exact number of victims was not given in the court decision. The victims were all female and at least one was over 21. The victims came to Istanbul of their own free will for the purpose of prostitution. Upon expiry of the victims’ tourist visas, the defendants assisted the victims in staying in Turkey by providing false identity cards for them. 

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  • TUR006Case No. 2007/1862
  • 2200,en,/case-law-doc/traffickingpersonscrimetype/tur/2008/case_no._20071862.html
  • Turkey
    Verdict Date: 2008-05-08
    Sentence Date : 2008-05-08
  • The case is related to a female victim from Ukraine, over the age of 21. Thevictim was recruited in Ukraine, and travelled from Ukraine to Turkey for a job that she had been promised by Tatyana and Süleyman. However, when she arrived in Turkey, she was forced into prostitution and was later sold to another person for the purpose of sexual exploitation. 

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  • TUR003Case No. 2010/ 1440
  • 2200,en,/case-law-doc/traffickingpersonscrimetype/tur/2010/case_no._2010_1440.html
  • Turkey
    Verdict Date: 2010-04-15
  • The victim claimed she had been deceived by the defendant, with whom she had a relationship and who had promised to marry her. However, some time after her arrival in Turkey, when the victim had spent all of her money and did not have enough to go back home, the defendant procured the victim for prostitution.

    The defendant was found not guilty of human trafficking whereas the defendant was found guilty of procurement for prostitution. 

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  • TUR002Case No. 2007/12444
  • 2200,en,/case-law-doc/traffickingpersonscrimetype/tur/2010/case_no._200712444.html
  • Turkey
    Verdict Date: 2010-04-27
    Sentence Date : 2010-04-27
  • This case is related to the trafficking of two female victims under the age 21 from Ukraine.Two Ukrainian citizens invited the victims to Turkey for a touristic vacation and the victims travelled from Ukraine to Turkey through legal means. Then the victims were delivered to two Turkish citizens who transferred the victims to Silivri, Turkey where the victims were forced into prostitution.

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  • TUR001Case No. 2011/ 1242
  • 2200,en,/case-law-doc/traffickingpersonscrimetype/tur/2011/case_no._2011_1242.html
  • Turkey
    Verdict Date: 2011-04-12
    Sentence Date : 2011-04-12
  • The victim, who was under the age of 18, was deceived by S.S. and procured for prostitution. The victim was transported to four different cities in Turkey, where she was exploited.

    Two defendants were found guilty of human trafficking, two other defendants were found guilty and one defendant was found not guilty of procurement for prostitution; 1 other defendant was found guilty of sexual abuse but punishment was delayed. 

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  • TUR009Case No. 2006/10550
  • 2200,en,/case-law-doc/traffickingpersonscrimetype/tur/2008/case_no._200610550.html
  • Turkey
    Verdict Date: 2008-03-03
    Sentence Date : 2008-03-03
  • The victim was a female, over 21 years of age, national of  Belarus. The defendants took away the victim’s passport, deleted the telephone numbers in her mobile phone, prevented her from leaving the house she was placed in and forced her into prostitution through the use of violence.  

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  • TUR011Case No. 2007/2806
  • 2200,en,/case-law-doc/traffickingpersonscrimetype/tur/2007/case_no._20072806.html
  • Turkey
    Verdict Date: 2007-05-30
    Sentence Date : 2007-05-30
  • This case is involves two victims, one of whom was under 21 years of age, who travelled from Ukraine to Turkey to work for the defendant. The Court found thatthe victims had been informed by the Ukrainian security forces about the defendant’s engagement in the procurement of humans for prostitution. Despite this information, the victims travelled from Ukraine to Turkey. The defendant subsequently exploited the victims for the purpose of prostitution.

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  • TUR005Case No. 2008/ 19262
  • 2200,en,/case-law-doc/traffickingpersonscrimetype/tur/2009/case_no._2008_19262.html
  • Turkey
    Verdict Date: 2009-06-15
    Sentence Date : 2009-06-15
  • The defendant committed the crime of human trafficking, as the defendant transferred the victims from Diyarbakır, Turkey, to Istanbul with the purpose of exploiting them by forcing them to engage in criminal activity (theft). The defendant was first found guilty by the court of first instance and subsequently by the Supreme Court. 

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  • TUR004Case No. 2008/12977
  • 2200,en,/case-law-doc/traffickingpersonscrimetype/tur/2009/case_no._200812977.html
  • Turkey
    Verdict Date: 2009-06-25
    Sentence Date : 2009-06-25
  • The defendants worked in an organized and cooperative manner to organize the prostitution of foreign women by means of: (i) contacting foreign women and providing airplane tickets and travel expenses; (ii) picking up such persons from the airport; (iii) arranging their accommodation; and (iv) providing transportation to the victims for prostitution purposes.

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