Treatment and rehabilitation



The national government adopted UNODC's TREATNET Programme strategy. This programme is a global initiative developed by UNODC that is directed at health institutions and other providers of drug treatment and rehabilitation for those who have abused and / or are dependent on drugs. The goal is to improve the quality and accessibility of services. Between 2008 and 2013, 2.200 people from different treatment centers across the country have been trained. In 2013 a group of 30 new trainers was formed, and these trainers now have the responsibility of replicating the programme and reaching 3.000 people from different regions of Colombia.

Strengthening of Centers for Attention to Drug Addiction

In partnership with the Ministry of Health and Social Protection, technical and financial support has been provided for the implementation of a low complexity model and socio-employment inclusion initiatives.

In addition, the Programme has facilitated the exchange of experiences regarding social inclusion initiatives with drug-dependent individuals, held with the participation of 160 technical staff from civil society organizations.

Drug treatment tribunals

The Area has driven the creation of the Drug Treatment Tribunal model in the country. This programme is currently in an exploratory and investigative phase.