Introductory Session: How to Conduct Effective Training Sessions


This PowerPoint presentation presents a set of key principles for conducting an effective training session. The material is designed to help trainers prepare and deliver training sessions that will keep audiences engaged and facilitate the transfer of knowledge and skills.
VOLUME A: Screening, Assessment, and Treatment Planning
Module 1: Screening and Brief Intervention using the ASSIST
Module 2: Addiction Severity Index (ASI)
Module 3: Treatment Planning M.A.T.R.S.: Utilizing the ASI
VOLUME B: Elements of Psychosocial Treatment
Module 1: Drug Addiction and Basic Counseling Skills
Module 2: Motivating Clients for Treatment and Addressing Resistance
Module 3: Cognitive Behavioural and Relapse Prevention Strategies
VOLUME C: Addiction Medications and Special Populations
Module 1: Addiction Basics: Alcohol and Benzodiazepines; Psychostimulants, Volatile Substances, and Cannabis
Module 2: Opioids: Basics of Addiction; Opiate Agonist, Partial Agonist, and Antagonist Therapies
Module 3: Special Populations: Individuals with Co-Occurring Disorders, Women, and Young People
VOLUME D: Administrative Toolkit
Topic 1: Improving Client Access and Retention (NIATx)
Topic 2: Clinical Supervision Techniques
Topic 3: Program Evaluation Methods
Topic 4: Reducing the Harm of Drug Use and Dependence and HIV Risk Reduction
designed by Janet Efrati