Internships Available 

Are you interested in Internship opportunities with UNODC ROEA? 

UNODC ROEA offers Internship programmes under its five Sub-Programmes: 

  • Sub-Programme I: Countering Transnational Organized Crime, Illicit Trafficking and Illicit Drug Trafficking (no Vacancies) 
  • Sub-Programme II: Countering Corruption (no vacancies)
  • Sub-Programme III: Terrorism Prevention (no vacancies) 
  • Sub-Programme IV: Justice (no vacancies)
  • Sub-Programme V: Prevention, Treatment and Rehabilitation and Alternative Development (no vacancies)

The mission of UNODC Regional Office in East Africa is to promote and facilitate actions against trafficking, transnational organized crime, piracy, terrorism, money laundering, corruption and HIV/AIDS.
The Internship Programme aims at providing opportunity for outstanding postgraduate students to acquire practical professional experience through direct exposure to UNODC's work. UNODC gives opportunity for young professionals to take internships in the fields of drugs and crime. Interested candidates can send their applications to the following email: