Regional meeting to discuss rule of law and human security

Photo:UNODCUNODC Eastern Africa has organized a regional ministerial meeting on 23-24 November with experts and Ministers from all thirteen countries in the region to discuss and endorse a new 2009-2012 programme that will address environmental crime, corruption, terrorism, human trafficking, prison reform, piracy, HIV and AIDS and judicial reform throughout Eastern Africa.

The Conference on "Promoting the Rule of Law and Human Security in Eastern Africa", organized by UNODC and hosted by the Government of Kenya, will involve high-level participants from 13 Eastern African countries.

East Africa faces a number of threats from organized crime, including piracy, trafficking of weapons, drugs and persons, smuggling of migrants, and environmental crime. This has a serious impact on the health, security and development of the region.

It is anticipated that Ministers will agree on a Political Declaration and a "Regional Programme of action to promote the rule of law and human security in East Africa (2009-12)", developed by UNODC and the countries of the region.

The press are invited to a Press Conference on Tuesday 24 November at 16:00 at the Safari Park Hotel and Casino in Nairobi.

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