Ongoing Projects in Eastern Africa

Anti-Corruption Mentor Programme, TCGLOS48FKE

The project revision is meant to i) extend the duration of the project; ii) to increase the total budget as well as the number of mentors from two to four.

As the project achieved good results through partnership with government counterparts and international actors, government authorities are supporting the continuity of the programme. Moreover, donors expressed satisfaction with progress achieved to date and therefore pledged to give USD 1,513,990 for this project. The total pledged amount exceeds the approved budget. Member States expressed interest in receiving technical assistance through this programme and two additional mentors will be placed in selected countries.

UNODC is currently negotiating the placement of mentors in Ethiopia, Pakistan or the Philippines. The two new mentors will carry out duties and responsibilities outlined in the original project document for the two first mentors (TOR attached), no amendment is introduced in the legal and operational framework of the project.