Ongoing Projects in Eastern Africa

Prevention of drug use and HIV among drug users, IDUs and vulnerable populations in Kenya, KENI08

Budget (USD)



3 years (2005 - 2008)

Donor country


The immediate objective of the project is to enhance the capacity of government institutions and NGOs to prevent HIV/AIDS among injecting drug users and other vulnerable populations; and to reduce the HIV infection risk in these populations.

The main elements of the project strategy include: (i) The creation of a national network of drug and HIV/AIDS prevention and care-providers created, with a satellite system in each site; (ii) enhancing the technical skills of govt. and NGO staff to design and implement HIV/AIDS prevention programmes (including outreach) of HIV/AIDS among injecting drug users (IDUs) and other vulnerable populations, manage and run treatment and rehabilitation centres to, and provide care and referral for drug users and those HIV positive; and (iii) establishing outreach programmes to reduce HIV infection among IDUs and drug using sex workers and to provide care for them.