Ongoing Projects in Eastern Africa

Programme development and advocacy for drug demand reduction and HIV/AIDS in Africa, TDRAFG60FKE

This project aims at extending expert services in the field of drug use and HIV prevention to Governments in Africa, the African Union, regional organizations and institutions in Africa, in order to reduce negative consequences of drug use and related HIV and AIDS in these regions.

The current project revision and extension is justified given the impact it has created so far in terms of raising awareness at the African Union level to mainstream drug use and HIV prevention in larger health and development programmes and in several countries to address drug use and HIV and AIDS prevention and care comprehensively. The Programme of Action for Africa 2006-2010 "Crime and Drugs as Impediments to Security and Development in Africa " was developed in Abuja, Nigeria, in collaboration with 44 African Member States. Cluster IV "Drug use and HIV/AIDS" and the drug use and HIV/AIDS component under Cluster VI "Data collection, analysis, publication and dissemination" are particularly pertinent. It also takes into account the need to address HIV prevention among IDUs, people vulnerable to human trafficking and in prisons. The project is contributing to operationalize UNAIDS Division of Labour among UNAIDS sponsoring Agencies, namely to the key principles where UNODC is the Lead Agency, that is, prevention of HIV/AIDS among injecting drug users, people vulnerable to human trafficking and in prisons.