Ongoing Projects in Eastern Africa

Strengthening the legal regime against terrorism, TCGLOR35FKE

A comprehensive global legal regime against terrorism is a key component of an effective international counter-terrorism strategy. The universal legal instruments against terrorism (16 Conventions and Protocols) establish that global legal regime and provide the framework for international cooperation in countering terrorism within the ambit of the rule of law and international human rights principles. The full ratification of these instruments and implementation of their provisions is a crucial requirement for making the legal regime effective. Notwithstanding significant progress in this regard, their universal ratification is far from achieved and, even when this is reached, much work is still be required to achieve their effective practical application. The Terrorism Prevention Branch (TPB) of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) is mandated to provide legal and related assistance to requesting countries to ratify and implement the universal legal instruments against terrorism. The Global Project on Strengthening the Legal Regime against Terrorism provides the overall framework for delivering such assistance to countries. It functions as an on-going 'rolling' project, with biennial budgets.

The overall project objective is to support Member States in achieving a functional universal legal regime against terrorism in accordance with the principles of the rule of law, especially by facilitating the ratification and implementation of the universal legal instruments against terrorism and enhancing the related capacity building of the national criminal justice systems.