Ongoing Projects in Eastern Africa

Strengthening regional cooperation amongst the Eastern African law enforcement authorities to combat trafficking in human beings, XAFS53

Budget (USD)



2 years (2007 - 2008)

Donor country

Norway, Sweden

The immediate objective of the project is to have in place a strengthened regional cooperation framework to prevent and combat human trafficking in Eastern Africa. The project strategy is two-pronged with the key outputs of the project consisting of a regional strategy to prevent and combat trafficking in persons in Eastern Africa, and recommendations for harmonized national legislations that are in line with the United Nations Convention against Transnational Organized Crime and its Trafficking Protocol.

Moreover, Eastern Africa will participate in a UNODC expert group on the development of training material on human trafficking for law enforcement officers and the judiciary. Furthermore, EAPCCO Member States will participate in international conferences on trafficking in human beings and acquire enhanced knowledge of best practices in the prevention and combating of human trafficking, as well as an enhanced basis for improved regional and international cooperation on the prevention and combating of human trafficking. The project will be carried out in close consultation and collaboration with EAPCCO Member States and INTERPOL Sub-Regional Bureau and INTERPOL Lyon.