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Wildlife crime: Don't be part of it!

The illicit trade of wildlife in Asia is worth billions of dollars a year. It fuels organized crime, corruption and violence. This new UNODC video vividly illustrates wildlife crime's tragic toll of destruction. It asks viewers to make a difference by changing their consumption habits today. You can drive change. Share this video today. Available in: English Mandarin Thai Vietnamese Bahasa.




Indonesia Office

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Regional dialogue to strengthen protection of transportation against terrorism

Jakarta, 24 March 2015 - More than fifty senior officials from eight ASEAN countries attended the "Regional Workshop on the Promotion and Implementation of the Transport-related Counter-Terrorism International Legal Instruments" in Jakarta during 11-12 March. The workshop was co-hosted with the Indonesian National Counter-Terrorism Agency... [Read More]

Training on Public Procurement Monitoring in Timor-Leste

Dili (timor Leste), 6 March 2015 - Public procurement has been identified as the government activity most vulnerable to corruption. As a major interface between the public and the private sectors, public procurement provides multiple opportunities for both public and private actors to divert public funds for private gain. The vulnerability to... [Read More]

UNODC visits new head of Indonesia counter-terrorism

Jakarta, 20 November 2014 - A vast Southeast Asia and Pacific nation made up of thousands of islands and home to nearly a quarter billion people from dozens of distinct ethnic and linguistic groups, Indonesia faces unique challenges in preventing and fighting terrorism. As part of a longstanding cooperation between UNODC and the... [Read More]

24/10/14 - Border Patrol Units and Customs Officers in Timor Leste Receive International Border Interdiction Training by U.S. Customs and Border Protection and UNODC

20/10/14 - Norwegian Ambassador to Indonesia Supports UNODC Efforts to Combat Forest and Wildlife Crimes in Visit to West Papua

23/09/14 - UNODC Facilitates Community-based Forest Protection Training in Central Kalimantan to Address Forest Crimes

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