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Wildlife crime: Don't be part of it!

The illicit trade of wildlife in Asia is worth billions of dollars a year. It fuels organized crime, corruption and violence. This new UNODC video vividly illustrates wildlife crime's tragic toll of destruction. It asks viewers to make a difference by changing their consumption habits today. You can drive change. Share this video today. Available in: English Mandarin Thai Vietnamese Bahasa.




Indonesia Office

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UNODC visits new head of Indonesia counter-terrorism

Jakarta, 20 November 2014 - A vast Southeast Asia and Pacific nation made up of thousands of islands and home to nearly a quarter billion people from dozens of distinct ethnic and linguistic groups, Indonesia faces unique challenges in preventing and fighting terrorism. As part of a longstanding cooperation between UNODC and the... [Read More]

Border Patrol Units and Customs Officers in Timor Leste Receive International Border Interdiction Training by U.S. Customs and Border Protection and UNODC

Dili (timor Leste), 24 October 2014 - UNODC has been supporting Timor Leste in enhancing its border security and strengthening mechanisms to counter border crimes. Timor Leste's borders are vulnerable to an array of border crimes including migrant smuggling, human trafficking, drug trafficking and wildlife and timber trafficking. In order... [Read More]

Norwegian Ambassador to Indonesia Supports UNODC Efforts to Combat Forest and Wildlife Crimes in Visit to West Papua

West Papua, 20 October 2014 - Located in Indonesia's West Papua province, Raja Ampat is renowned for its forest and marine diversity; it is said to have the highest marine diversity on Earth. Consisting of 1,500 islands, the area has become famous because of the beauty of the landscape and the corals, which make it a top diving location... [Read More]

23/09/14 - UNODC Facilitates Community-based Forest Protection Training in Central Kalimantan to Address Forest Crimes

18/09/14 - UNODC Conducts Training for Frontline Police Officers on How to Respond to Drug Users

27/08/14 - UNODC Supports the Combating of Illicit Trafficking Across the Land Border between the Republic of Indonesia and the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste

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