Indonesia: Counter transnational organized crime and illicit trafficking

In line with national priorities, Sub-Programme 1 will target UNODC support on (1) improving maritime border security, (2) identifying and acting to prevent and halt trafficking in persons (TIP) and smuggling of migrants (SOM), (3) identifying and acting to prevent the trafficking of drugs and (4) identifying and acting to prevent and halt wildlife and forest crimes, particularly illegal logging. UNODC Indonesia will support the implementation of the three sub-programmes outlined in the global UNODC Thematic Programme on Action Against Transnational Organized Crime and Illicit Trafficking, including Drug Trafficking 2011-2013: (1) International policy, knowledge and trends, (2) Regional and national capacity building and technical assistance and (3) Human trafficking and migrant smuggling.

To promote maritime security in Indonesia, UNODC will emphasize enhancing port security through capacity building and technical assistance. Indicative activities may include the extension to Indonesia of the joint UNODC-World Customs Organization Container Control Programme (CCP) with its focus on strengthening national border control through targeting illegal contraband and illicit drugs within commercial freight. In addition to receiving specialized training and operations equipment, the CCP introduces Indonesian authorities to a network of ports and their authorities who are successfully working together to stop illicit trafficking by sea. UNODC also envisions joint training activities with the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries and law enforcement agencies to address organized crime involved in illegal fishing in Indonesia.

Initially, UNODC assistance for TIP and SOM will primarily build upon existing initiatives undertaken by the Regional Centre. UNODC will continue to support the SOM Coordination and Analysis Unit as a means of increasing regional cooperation and information sharing on SOM. UNODC will also support provision of computer-based training (CBT) to law enforcement officials to increase law enforcement capacity, as well as for the development of trafficking victim and smuggled migrant identification and support services. UNODC Indonesia will support the efforts of Government of Indonesia to implement the 2011 Law on Immigration and its provisions to combat SOM.

With respect to drug production and trafficking, UNODC will carry on supporting the collection, analysis and sharing of strategic information via the Global SMART Programme, a UNODC initiative to monitor and analyze global synthetics trends. Due to the limited information on drug prevalence in Indonesia, UNODC may conduct an assessment of cannabis use, and possibly other assessments. UNODC will also continue to provide training in countering transnational crime to law enforcement officials through the Jakarta Centre for Law Enforcement Cooperation.

UNODC will continue to support efforts to combat wildlife and forest crimes in Indonesia by supporting criminal justice responses, specifically to prevent and prosecute illegal logging. This will also focus on identifying and appropriately addressing the risks of corruption associated with REDD+. The capacity building efforts to improve law enforcement in the area of natural resources protection will build on existing training methodologies developed by UNODC, such as the CBT. The Office will prioritize support to the Government of Indonesia REDD+ Task Force and the Ministry of Forestry in support of REDD+ and other climate change related initiatives.

The main implementing partners for Sub-Programme 1 will include: National Development Planning Board, Attorney General's Office, Ministry of Law and Human Rights, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Forestry, Coordinating Ministry of Women's Empowerment, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Social Affairs , Indonesian National Police, Director General of Customs, Port Authority of Indonesia, Indonesian Coast Guard, Indonesian Navy, BNN, Director General of Immigration, Ministry of Manpower and Transmigration, Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries, Financial Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre, REDD+ Task Force, Panel for Climate Change, NGOs and CSOs.


Countering Illegal Logging and the linkage between Forest Crime and Corruption in Indonesia

Support to improved security by provision of capacity building to the Jakarta Centre for Law Enforcement Co-operation (JCLEC)