Indonesia Team Profile

The UNODC Indonesia team is comprised of many experienced professionals with expertise in providing technical assistance to implement strategies related to Transnational Organized Crime and Illicit Trafficking, Anti-Corruption, Terrorism Prevention, Criminal Justice Systems, and Drugs and HIV.

Operating in Indonesia since 2007, UNODC has developed a long-term approach that combines internationally recognized capacity-building methods with legal and regulatory framework development and research. Supported by a global network of offices and professionals, the UNODC Indonesia team delivers results in cooperation with international and regional partners, national and provincial authorities, and civil society.

The UNODC Indonesia team's technical and specialized capacities include the following:

  • Programme management
  • Analysis and research
  • Law enforcement
  • Criminal justice/legal
  • Training

In line with the UNODC Indonesia Country Programme 2012-2015, this knowledge is used to deliver specialized and foundational skills training, toolkits and learning materials, vital equipment, assistance with legislation and national plans, the facilitation of agreements between states, data collection and the drafting of strategic assessments.