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completed Strengthening of the legal and law enforcement institutions to prevent and combat human trafficking (LAO/R76) )

Illicit Trafficking Overview

UNODC has been assisting the Lao criminal justice sector in combating trafficking of illicit drugs and human beings, and is responding to the Government's National Drug Control Master Plan aim to further strengthen the criminal justice sector to suppress the surge of transnational criminal activities with a multi-facet approach.

This is achieved through building on the lessons learnt and structures established through current ongoing projects to cope with the broader scope of criminal activities.

Proposed projects:

  • Building of the Government's framework and capacity to control precursor chemicals (Required funding: US$ 750,000)
  • Strengthening Criminal Justice Responses to Human Trafficking and Organised Crime (Required funding: US$ 745,574)
  • Strengthening Capacity to Respond to Human Trafficking at Provincial Level in Lao PDR (Required funding: US$ 98,310)
  • Non-Prosecution and Empowerment of Victims of Human Trafficking (Required funding: US$ 97,519)