Our Staff

UNODC Lao PDR Country Office Staff and Family - December 2011*

*note: not all staff members are present in the above photo.


Lao PDR Country Office.




Alfredo Operiano Oguis

K46 Project Coordinator



Amanda Foo




Chanthieng Keokhamheuang

K18 Driver



Dokkadom Vilaismai

Executive Associate



Edna Legaspi

K26 Project Coordinator



Fumio Ito

Crime Prevention Expert/I95 Project Coordinator



Inpeng Thammavongsa

FO Gardener



Laddavanh phonsavath




Khamphouvieng Ekaphanh

X26 Project Assistant



Kinkesone Insisiengmay

T33 Project Assistant



Khanphougeune Volaot

K18 Project Assistant.



Latsamy Vongsiphaseuth

Senior Administration Assistan



Leekou Leexaytou

FO Finance Officer



Leik Boonwaat




Maung Hla Wai

K44 Project Technical Adviser






Onevong Houangvanh

K48 Driver



Oudone Sisongkham

Senior Programme Officer



Phouangkham Vedthana

FO Senior Driver



Pao Lee

K26 Project Community Development Assistant



Peo Panganouvong

K46 Project Finance Assistant



Phan Naoyearvang

K44 Project Admin/Finance Assistant


Sanya Thommavongsa

Office Assistant



Sengdeuane Phomavongsa

National Programme Officer



Sengthong Malaithong

XSPK 26 Project Assistant




Singkham Lueyeevang

K26 Project Assistant



Somsack Chittavong

XSPK 26 Project Admin/Finance Assistant


Sinouane Silivanghan

XSPK 26 Project secretary



Sommany Sihathep

T33 National Project Officer



Sotsy Vongsida

K46 Community Development & Micro-Finance Officer



Soulivanh Phengxay

K18 HAARP Programme Officer



Sonthong Maichingteng

K44 Project Assistant



Vannasone Satrakoun

IT Assistant



Vorladeth Philavong

K44 Project Community Development Officer