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Stories from the Lao PDR



September 2013

08/07/2013 -  Former opium growers take up vegetable farming


July 2013

08/07/2013 - US$18 million in illicit drugs go up in smoke

June 2013

06/06/2013 - Capacity Building workshop on Human Trafficking in Thakhek District, Khamouan Province

Febuary 2013

05/03/2012 - Over 55,000 people at risk of drug addiction

October 2012

30/10/2012 - Laos to clamp down on sexual exploitation of children

30/10/2012 - Applying lessons learnt from training to young victims of human trafficking in the Lao PDR

29/10/2012 - UNODC wins the UN Soccer Challenge Cup for the second successive year

25/10/2012 - Lao PDR coodinates responese to illicit drugs and transnational organized crime

Setember 2012

13//09/2012 - Piloting Community Based Drug Counseling Services in Vientiane

03/09/2012 - Using innovative ways to increase Food Security and Promote Licit Crop Production as well as develop Small Farmer Enterprises in the Lao PDR

July 2012

27/06/2012 - UNODC and INL Support to Strengthen Prosecutors' Capacity to Fight Organized Crime for Sustainable Development

June 2012

27/06/2012 - Nacrotics go up in smoke on Day against drugs

25/06/2012 - Asean targets drug free status by 2015

May 2012

26/04/2012 - Lao PDR Ready for Assessment of Anti-Human Trafficking Law and Further Development of Legal Framework with Support by UNODC and the United States

April 2012

26/04/2012 - Foreign experts help strengthen Lao criminal justice system

23/04/2012 - Lao PDR and UNODC Strengthen Counter-Terrorism Collaboration

March 2012

14/03/2012 - UNODC Supports the Protection of Human Trafficking Victims

13/03/2012 - The Royal Project Foundation and UNDC in partnership to sustain opium elimination in the Lao PDR

09/03/2012 - The Training of Custom Officers on Combating Cash Smuggling

09/03/2012 - Germany supports food security and alternative livelihoods for former opium poppy farmers through UNODC

February 2012

16/02/2012 - UNODC assists the Lao anti-corruption agency to intensify efforts for effective fight against corruption

15/02/2012 - UNODC and GTIP Supports Strengthened Protection for Human Trafficking Victims

January 2012

09/1/2012 - The Mini Dublin Group travels along a major illicit drug trafficking route from Laos to Vietnam to gain firsthand impressions of the drug situation

December 2011

17/12/2011 - Injecting drug use a painful issue

08/12/2011 - UNODC's Youth Ambassadors awarded for public stance against drugs

November 2011

21/11/2011 - UNODC launches campaign against drug use

02/11/2011 - Poor farmers need alternatives to opium

01/11/2011 - Stree jam 5 a hit with youngsters

October 2011

22/10/2011 - The UNODC team wins the UN Day Challenge Cup

September 2011

20/09/2011 - Lao looks to toughen response to human trafficking

20/09/2011 - Luxembourg supports alternative livelihoods for poor former opium poppy farmers in Phongsaly

19/09/2011 - Provincial officials enhanced their understanding of drug control law and its application

June 2011

28/06/2011 - Young People in danger of drug abuse

27/06/2011 - Conecert sings out against drugs

25/06/2011 - Laos takes tough stance against drugs

13/06/2011 - Launch of the Drug Prevention Campaign

10/06/2011 - Lao officials ready to strengthen their drug law investigation and prosecution throgh international cooperation

May  2011

26/05/2011 - Greater Mekong sub-region serious on drug control

23/05/2011 - UNODC Deputy Executive Director in the Lao PDR

05/05/2011 - Project seeks to end opium dependency

April  2011

28/04/2011 - Laos faces up to illicit drug threat

01/04/2011 - Motorbike repair centre to offer drug addicts jobs skills

March 2011

28/03/2011 - New project to fight human trafficking

25/03/2011 - Govt outlines funding needs for development plan

08/03/2011 - Journalists sharpen pencils to report on drug issues

08/03/2011 - Ministry eyes traditional medicine as treatment for drug addicts

February 2011

28/02/2011 - Development partners assess drug control efforts in Huaphan

25/02/2011 - Government Commemorates Anti-Corruption Day

24/02/2011 - Drug officials ask regional experts for more help

15/02/2011 - National Assembly, UN boost cooperation

January 2011

17/01/2011 - Former opium farmers receive support

December 2010

16/12/2010 - Government Commemorates Anti-Corruption Day

16/12/2010 - Opium poppy cultivation increasing in SE Asia

16/12/2010 - Gov't offcial receive drug law enforcement training

November 2010

02/11/2010 - High Level Round Table Meeting in Vientiane

October 2010

22/10/2010 - Police send 2 tonne drug haul up in flames

22/10/2010 - Government and UNODC enhance collaboration on criminal justice responses to terrorism

11/10/2010 - US beefs up Lao drug control efforts

September 2010

21/09/2010 - Training course aims to boost drug counselling

20/09/2010 - Youths participate in community football tournament

07/09/2010 - Authorities Sensitized on HIV and Harm Reduction Interventions

August 2010

26/08/2010 - Fighting Back: Lao government tackles drugs and crime heads on

04/08/2010 - Four drug dealers sentenced to death

July 2010

08/07/2010 - Celebrating the International Fight against Drugs in Vientiane

June 2010

25/06/2010 - More than 3 Tons of Drugs Up in Smoke

02/06/2010 - Rehab centre gains new library

May 2010

28/05/2010 - Stronger enforcement of anticorruption laws needed

23/05/2010 - Lao PDR:  National HIV/AIDS Task Force prepares work plan for harm reduction responses

14/05/2010 - Lao assesses cost of meeting millennium goals

April 2010

15/04/2010 - Lao PDR:  Former ATS user role model for professionalism at work


06/04/2010 - Lao PDR: Lao legislators sensitized to issues of corruption, transnational organized crime and terrorism

March 2010

24/03/2010 - Lao PDR: Phongsaly handicraft producers receive training for enhanced Alternative Income Generation & Marketing activities

23/03/2010 - LAO PDR: UNODC launches new Alternative Development and Food Security Project in Oudomxay province

17/03/2010 - Experts debate harm reduction policy for drug users

February 2010

26/02/2010 - Enhancing regional cooperation in the criminal justice sector

22/02/2010 - Laos, international anti-drug agencies to further cooperation

16/02/2010 - Lao PDR: Creating art on the way to recovery

15/02/2010 - Lao PDR addresses terrorism prevention

January 2010

08/01/2010 - Lao families rise out of poverty and opium addiction to prosperity

December 2009

07/12/2009 - Lao PDR's Tourism Authority sets up a Child Protection Hotline
03/12/2009 - Laos marks World Anti-corruption Day

November 2009

30/11/2009 - LCDC and UNODC sign a MoU for development cooperation
30/11/2009 - Drug control officials, diplomats visit Phongsaly

October 2009

20/10/2009 - Progress reviewed in fight against human trafficking

08/10/2009 - First Meeting of the Sub Working Group on Crime

September 2009

17/09/2009 - Australia backs HIV/AIDS reduction

August 2009

28/08/2009 - UNODC Lao PDR briefs the international community on the Impact of the Global Financial Crisis on Opium Production and the Illicit Drug Situation

17/08/2009 - Lao plays its part in the fight against human trafficking

July 2009

22/07/2009 - HIV/AIDS Prevention efforts in the Lao PDR get booster shot
02/07/2009 - Lao PDR observes the International Day Against Drug Abuse

June 2009

03/06/2009 - Illicit drug sector working group meeting
01/06/2009 - Drug addiction a headache for Savannakhet authorities

May 2009

20/05/2009 - Students unite to combat human trafficking
05/05/2009 - NA to raise land conflicts drug problems with govt

April 2009

20/04/2009 - Grappling with " crazy drugs"

Under the group's
leadership, the National Drug
Control Master Plan was
developed as a comprehensive
strategy to control illicit drugs
and was approved by the Lao
government in 2009.
Yesterday's meeting considered
the Memorandum of
Understanding on drug control
in the Greater Mekong Subregion,
computer based training
on law enforcement techniques
promoted by a UNODC global
project, and UNODC regional
projects on migrant smuggling
and strengthening cross-border
cooperation to be made by
officers from the UNODC
Regional Centre for East Asia
and the Pacific in Bangkok.
UNODC reported that
because enhanced regional
cooperation is the key to
effective response to threats
of drug trafficking and related
transnational organised crime,
the presentations would be of
much interest to Laos.