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Lao PDR: Government Commemorates Anti-Corruption Day


Vientiane, 16 December 2010 -  More than 500 participants from government and international organizations commemorated the international anti corruption day yesterday in Vientiane in an event marked by the attendance of  top level officials from the Lao government and the United Nations, including Mr. Thongsy Ouanlasy, Vice Chairman of the Government Inspection Authority, Mr. Hiem Phommachan, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ms. Sonam Yangchen Rana, U.N. Resident Coordinator, and Mr. Leik Boonwaat, UNODC Representative to the Lao PDR.

The importance of continuing to educate the government, the private sector and the general public on anti-corruption policy was a key topic highlighted during the event.

"It is essential to educate government officials to be honorable in serving the nation and the people to be loyal to their duties," said Mr. Ouanlasy during his opening remarks.

The Lao National Assembly having in recent years adopted several laws on anti-corruption, state inspections, complaints, state audits and state accounting, the recent ratification of the United Nations Conventions on Anti-Corruption (UNCAC) by the Lao PDR in 2009 denotes serious commitment by the government to corruption-free development.

"It is evident that corruption hurts the nation as a whole, and the poorest among us in particular, Therefore, we must work together against it," said Ms. Yangchuan Rena, on behalf of the United Nations.

Although still a part of the Least Developed Country group, the Lao PDR is making great efforts across all development sectors to exit the status by 2020.   Government Officials as well as the private sector are aware of the negative impact of corruption on the country's development, and the wellbeing and freedom of its people as a whole.