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on-going (New)- Increasing Food Security and Promoting Licit Crop Production and Small Farmer Enterprise Development in the Lao PDR (XSPK26)

on-going A balanced approach to opium elimination in Lao PDR: Programme Facilitation Unit (LAO/F13)

on-going Social and economic rehabilitation of former opium poppy growing communities in Oudomxay Province (LAO/I28)

on-going Houaphan alternative development programme module - HADP (LAO/H98)

on-going Phongsaly Alternative Development Fund - PADF (LAO/I32)


Lao PDR: Phongsaly handicraft producers receive training for enhanced Alternative Income Generation & Marketing activities (24 March 2010)

UNODC launches new Alternative Development and Food Security Project in Oudomxay province (23 March 2010)

Lao families rise out of poverty and opium addiction to prosperity (8 January 2010)

LCDC and UNODC sign a MoU for development cooperation
(30 November 2009)

Drug control officials, diplomats visit Phongsaly (30 November 2009)
UNODC Lao PDR briefs the international community on the Impact of the Global Financial Crisis on Opium Production and the Illicit Drug Situation (28 October 2009)

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AD Programme Overview

Alternative Livelihoods

Expected Outcome:

  • Social and Economic development of former and opium farmers communities efficiently supported.

Expected Outputs:

  • National plan and policies for alternative livelihood and illicit crop elimination with resource allocation plan established
  • National capacities on integrated programme design and implementation as well as resource mobilization strengthened.
  • Comprehensive and integrated development and food security programme or projects formulated under national and international resources for the ex-opium producing communities as well as other vulnerable communities.