Criminal Justice

anti corruption day laos

As a part of efforts to control drug related crimes while upholding human rights, UNODC supports the Lao Government in strengthening access to the judicial system and ensure integrity within the system through countering corruption and money laundering, supporting good governance, and providing appropriate witness and victim protection. Ratification of international conventions and instruments, implementation of domestic legislation and improvement of the criminal justice system's capacity to combat transnational organized crimes are the priorities. Other priorities include legislation for effective asset seizures and asset recovery, ensuring an evidence-based criminal justice system through the building-up of forensic capacities to support the rule of law and effective prosecutions.

Result Areas:

-Ratification and implementation of conventions and protocols
-Criminal justice systems: more accessible, accountable and effective
-Corruption prevention, Anti Money Laundering, Asset Seizure, Asset Recovery
-Juvenile justice
-Assistance to victims

Criminal Justice Tree