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on-going Development of the Drug Law Enforcement Strategy (LAO/I95)


Laos, international anti-drug agencies to further cooperation (22 February 2010)
Lao PDR addresses terrorism prevention (15 February 2010 )
Lao PDR's Tourism Authority sets up a Child Protection Hotline(7 December 2009)

First Meeting of the Sub Working Group on Crime
(8 October 2009)

Illicit drug sector working group meeting (3 June 2009)

NA to raise land conflicts, drug problems with govt
(5 May 2009)

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Criminal Justice Overview

Justice System

Programme Outcomes

  • Integrity-based and accountable criminal justice system established.

Programme Outputs:

  • By 2013, prosecution performed more in line with international standard, as compared to 2009.
  • Implementation of a national constituent of right to a fair trial, including ensuring as wide as range of admissible evidence as possible.
  • Rights and needs of victims and witnesses guaranteed, to include the establishment of a Witness/Victim Support Group.
  • Reporting and supervisory methods to be established within law enforcement agencies and the judiciary.
  • Access to justice for vulnerable groups.