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on-going Reduce the spread of HIV harm associated with Injecting Drug Use amongst men and women in the Lao PDR: HAARP Country Flexible Program Lao PDR (LAO/K18)


Authorities Sensitized on HIV Harm Reduction Interventions (07 Sep 2010)

Lao PDR:  National HIV/AIDS Task Force prepares work plan for harm reduction responses (23 May 2010)

Experts debate harm reduction policy for drug users
(18 March 2010)
Australia backs HIV/AIDS reduction
(17 September 2009)
HIV/AIDS Prevention efforts in the Lao PDR get booster shot
(22 July 2009)

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Drug Demand Reduction and HIV/AIDS Overview

HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment and care:

Programme Outcome:

  • Comprehensive package for the prevention, treatment and care of HIV implemented.

Programme Outputs:

  • Legislation and policies related to drug control and HIV are consistent with the harm reduction approach.
  • National strategies, scale up and resource mobilization plans related to UNODC target populations developed and operational.
  • Enhance capacity to implement harm reduction amongst all necessary sectors.
  • Affected communities and service providers have the capacity to contribute to national and regional responses.
  • HIV is mainstreamed across UNODC and all other stakeholders' programmes