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on-going Development of the Drug Law Enforcement Strategy (LAO/I95)


Former opium farmers receive support (17 January 2011)

High Level Round Table Meeting in Vientiane (02 November 2010)

US beefs up Lao drug control efforts (11 October 2010)

Lao Government Tackles Drugs and Crime heads On (26 August 2010)

Four Drug Dealers Sentenced to Death (04 August 2010)

More than 3 Tons of Drugs Up in Smoke (25 June 2010)

Lao, internaitional anti-drugs agencies to further cooperation
(22 February 2010)

First Meeting of the Sub Working Group on Crime
(8 October 2009)

Illicit drug sector working group meeting (3 June 2009)

NA to raise land conflicts, drug problems with govt
(5 May 2009)

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Programme Outcome:

  • Trafficking of ATS and other drugs identified and effectively acted on.

Programme Outputs:

  • Domestic legislation harmonised with international instruments.
  • Comparative data sets on ATS and other drugs production and trafficking used to inform evidence based response.
  • Informed and capable front line law enforcement officer, prosecutors and judges.