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First-ever cross-border training strengthens cooperation between Lao PDR - Cambodia frontline officers

Veun Kham, Champasak Province, 25 September 2015 - Among the most remote areas of the Greater Mekong Subregion the smuggling of migrants and trafficking of persons, drugs and protected species is a common occurrence along the Lao PDR - Cambodia border, even if arrests of... Read more

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Building criminal intelligence capacity to fight wildlife and timber trafficking in Southeast Asia

Vientiane, 21 July 2015 - On July 17, 2015 the Environmental Crime Police and other staff of the Lao Ministry of Public Security completed a two-week criminal intelligence course on wildlife and timber trafficking in Vientiane, organized by the UNODC Global Programme for Combating Wildlife and Forest Crime. Read more

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Charting a new course to combat cross-border crimes in Lao PDR

Vientiane, 10 July 2015 - The 3rd meeting of the Lao PDR PATROL Advisory Committee (L-PAC) opened in Vientiane with remarks by Pol. Lt. Col. Mr. Inpong Chanthavongsa, Chairman of the L-PAC and Deputy Director General of the Counter Narcotics Departments, Ministry of Public Security... Read more

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Mentorship Programme on Combating Wildlife Trafficking Laos

Vientiane (Lao PDR), 2 March 2015 - The United States along with the UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), and the Environmental Police Department under the Ministry of Public Security of Lao PDR recognised the importance of World Wildlife Day by kicking off an intensive, four-week training seminar on combating wildlife trafficking. The seminar will highlight the critical role that the environmental police play in investigating wildlife and forestry crimes.... [Read More]

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Opium production in the Golden Triangle continues at high levels, threatening regional integration

Bangkok (Thailand), 8 December 2014 - Opium poppy cultivation in Myanmar and Lao PDR rose to 63,800 hectares (ha) in 2014 compared to 61,200 ha in 2013, increasing for the eighth consecutive year and nearly triple the amount harvested in 2006, according to a new UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) report released today. The UNODC report, Southeast Asia Opium Survey 2014... [Read More]

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