Process and Impact Assessment of Line Up Live Up (Programa Vamos Nessa) 

Background of the assignment:

Building on the 13th United Nations Crime Congress and UNODC's strong mandate and expertise in the field of crime and drug prevention, the Office has launched a global initiative aimed at youth crime prevention through sports. This initiative aims to build resilience of at-risk youth by drawing on sport as a vehicle to reduce anti-social behaviour and provide valuable life skills training. The objective is to increase adaptive and positive behaviour by addressing vulnerabilities that are linked to violence, crime, as well as drug use. Within this context, UNODC developed a sports-based life skills curriculum that may be incorporated in sports programmes in a wide-variety of settings. This curriculum has been tested in Brazil and is currently being piloted in Brazil and South Africa where a process and impact assessment will need to be carried out.

The Line Up Live Up training curriculum6 aims to utilise basic life skills that have been identified as significant in building resilience amongst young people to crime and violence, through a sports-based delivery mechanism.7 Life skills are "a set of personal and interpersonal skills that enable individuals to deal effectively with the demands, stresses and interpersonal conflicts of everyday life." Such skills help minimise the risk factors and enhance the protective factors, or resilience, related to antisocial behaviour, crime, violence and drug use. In addition, the curriculum aims to enhance knowledge of crime, violence and drug use and the risks involved.

Context of the Requirement:

The programme has been designed to be delivered over ten sessions to young people of both sexes, from 13 through to 18 years of age. The trainers' manual is intended to assist coaches, trainers, youth workers and others working with young people to deliver sports-based activities, through which engagement with basic life skills are facilitated.

Implementing Partner of UN AGENCY:

Process and Impact Assessment Line Up Live Up (programa Vamos Nessa).

Brief Description of the Required Services:

The assignment aims at documenting and monitoring the design and implementation of the Line Up Live Up life skills training programme in Brazil during its pilot phase, and assessing its short-term impact, in close coordination with the UNODC team in the country and at headquarters. Another assignment will be carried out in 2019 to conduct the long-term assessment.

Expected duration of work:

Seven months - from June 2018 to 30 January 2019

How to apply:

Proposals must be submitted on or before 18:00 of 11 June, 2018 via email or courier to the address below:

JOF - Joint Operations Facility

Ref. JOF-0228/2018


UN House Brazil - Casa das Nações Unidas no Brasil

SEN Quadra 802 Conjunto C Lote 17

Setor de Embaixadas Norte

Brasília, DF - Brasil - CEP 70800-400


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