Establishment of a treatment, rehabilitation and social reintegration network in Central America

Current Project Status:
Project Status as of 2010:
Latin America and Caribbean
Thematic Area:
Prevention Treatment and Rehabilitation
Result Area:
3-5. Treatment and rehabilitation of drug-dependent persons
Project Start Date:
30 Apr 2004
Project End Date:
31 Dec 2012
Project Description
The project has the objective to create a treatment, rehabilitation and social reinsertion network in Central America, in order to promote progressively the improvement and modalities of integral attention through the different services available for persons in use or abuse of drugs. The first three phases allowed for the establishment of the institutional bases in each country, which has resulted in a valuable experience. It is now required to institutionalize the network as an instrument of public policy at a national and regional level with sustainable mechanisms. The project will develop four mechanisms to strengthen the technical resources and infrastructure for the network members, so that they can progressively achieve and promote the treatment minimum standards and actively take part in the development of drug prevention public policies. Reciprocal coordination and communication among different institutions and sectors will be crucial to support continuous education, research and an efficient and effective use of social capital.