Supporting Prison Reform in the Republic of Panama (Phases I and II)

Current Project Status:
Project Status as of 2010:
Latin America and Caribbean
Thematic Area:
Criminal Justice Reform
Result Area:
3-6. Prison reform
Project Start Date:
01 Jan 2010
Project End Date:
31 Dec 2012
Project Description
The objective of the project is to develop an overall prison reform strategy that will address prison overcrowding, the large population of remand prisoners, and the resulting human rights violations. A two-phased programmatic approach will contribute towards achieving the Government of Panama's goal of having a modern, effective and efficient prison service which meets international standards for health, safety and conduct. This is to be achieved by developing a strategic plan for prison reform in Panama and building capacity in the Prison Service. Phase II will complement the objectives of Phase I to ensure sustainable and enduring reform of the criminal justice system.