Current Project Status:
Project Status as of 2010:
Latin America and Caribbean
Thematic Area:
Anti Human Trafficking
Result Area:
1-1. Ratification and implementation of conventions and protocols
Project Start Date:
31 Jul 2007
Project End Date:
31 Dec 2012
Project Description
UNODC regional project focuses on the strengthening of investigation skills of Central American prosecutors and police officers, with an emphasis on trafficking in persons TIP (and smuggling of migrants in the near future). The project uses a democratic and inclusive methodology aimed at: a) creating and strengthening institutional networks at the regional level in order to harmonize the delivery of knowledge and facilitate the exchange of experiences; b) promoting the participation of beneficiaries in the development of training material; and, c) establishing a group of regional facilitators certified by UNODC to conduct training sessions, within the framework of a sustainable master training plan. To enhance the effectiveness of this work, the project is divided in two great areas and six complementary components: I - Activities related to the strengthening of criminal investigation capacities in Central America a) "Assessment of national and regional capacities to prosecute trafficking in persons in Central America" which identifies the political, legal, institutional, technical, operational, financial and personnel conditions of Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama to address this crime; b) Strengthening of the Central American Council of Public Prosecutors Offices, as the highest-level regional instance on penal prosecution; c) Strengthening of international cooperation units within Public Prosecutors Offices in Central America to systematize the exchange of operational information on MLA / joint investigations of sexual exploitation crimes and trafficking in persons; d) inter-agency work in order to include trafficking in persons legislation in the agendas of national roundtables against TIP and national congresses. II - Activities with global projection aimed at disseminating international instruments of UNODC mandate as well as raising awareness on trafficking in persons around the "blue heart" campaign e) awareness raising on TIP in Mexico based upon the UNODC "blue heart" campaign; f) the dissemination of The United Nations Convention against Transnational Organized Crime and the Palermo Protocol as well as UNODC material in the region. The cornerstones for the implementation of the project are: 1) the cooperation and inter-agency coordination in order to optimize resources and avoid duplication of actions, 2) the institutionalization of processes through the development of master plans and the establishment of regional networks, 3) the participation of Mexico and other key countries (Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Spain, United States of America, Italy and the United Kingdom),as strategic partners in the implementation of technical assistance activities in Central America, and 4) the incorporation of the beneficiaries in the decision-making process.