Consultation Process for the Implementation and Monitoring of the CARICOM Social and Development Crime Prevention Plan of Action

Current Project Status:
Project Status as of 2010:
Latin America and Caribbean
SubRegion - Caribbean
Thematic Area:
Criminal Justice Reform
Result Area:
3-1. Community-centred prevention
Project Start Date:
26 Jul 2010
Project End Date:
30 Nov 2010
Project Description
UNODC and the CARICOM Secretariat jointly developed a Regional Crime Prevention Action Plan, underpinned in five pillars (Reduce Violence; Foster Social Inclusion; Promote Reintegration; Empower Victims; Protect the Environment and Economic Resources), which will benefit the CARICOM Member States plus Cuba and the Dominican Republic. The implementation of the CARICOM Social and Development Crime Prevention Action Plan is preceded by a consultation phase that will be the basis for the launch of technical assistance activities that will be delivered during the implementation of the CARICOM Action Plan. Through the policy forums, the consultation process will determine and prioritize which of the actions within the 5 pillars of the action plan should be implemented in selected member states taking into account national needs and priorities and ongoing activities at national and regional level by the different stakeholders.