Scientific and forensic capacity


• Scientific/technical expert advice on issues related to drug/precursor analysis and other forensic fi elds, including related areas, such as quality data
generation, disposal, forensic best practices and specifi cations of instrumentation.
• Expert advice, guidance and standards for the assessment and improvement of national scientifi c and forensic capacity.
• Technical assistance programmes and projects to enhance national forensic capacity and infrastructures, including infrastructures for laboratory data collection and sharing.
• Material assistance for scientific and forensic capacity-building including provision of authentic reference samples, scientificliterature (related to drug
analysis and forensic science) and equipment.
• Provision of training opportunities for laboratory staff.
• Quality assurance support,including the biannual "round-robin" profi ciency tests (known as the International Collaborative Exercises (ICE)) to improve the performance of national drug analysis laboratories.
• Advocacy and support for the development of cooperative networks among laboratories, and with their clients (law enforcement, regulatory, health authorities, judicial system) for improved national integration, operational response and international sharing of forensic data.
• Provision of the National Drug Control System (NDS) computer software-a management information system for national and international drug control that automates a range of day-today activities in compliance of the international Drug Control Conventions.