Workshop "Strong Families"

The Training Workshop entitled "Storng families" was held from 16 to 20 August, 2010 in Panama City. This workshop was possible thanks to the collaboration of the National Commission for the study and prevention of crime related to drugs (CONAPRED for its acronym in Spanish) and the NGO, the White Cross for Panama. The workshops aimed to train 40 professionals of social science and health, in order to allow them to implement family skills development programmes .

This workshop was developed as part of the trainings of the global project "Prevention of drug use, HIV/AIDS and crime among young people through family skills programmes in low- and middle-income countries". This project will implement evidence-based family skills training programmes to prevent drug use, HIV/AIDS and crime and delinquency among young people by strengthening and improving the capacity of families to take better care of children.

Leland Molgaard and Virginia Molgaard from the University of Iowa, were in charge of the workshops, due to their international wide experience with the"Strong Families" programme.

From September on, the participants will start the seminaries with parents in several communities of Panama.