The state of Mexico joins the fight against human trafficking

This past December 08, the Legislative Power of the State of Mexico, México, invited UNODC to participate in a Forum with the aim to sensitize and inform against trafficking in persons and violence against women.

The State of Mexico is the most populate state in the country and tragically occupies the first place of violence against women and victims of trafficking in persons, specially women and children. As mean to tackle this situation, member of the parliament, Ms. Monica Fragoso convoked the Forum violence against women: strategies for its prevention and eradication in which legislators, students, academics and international experts on this topics participated as speakers.

On behalf of UNODC, Mariana Alegret was in charge of delivering a presentation on the international perspective of the crime of trafficking in persons and the Blue Heart campaign against trafficking in persons launched by UNODC and the Mexican Federal Government on April 2010. "It is necessary that governments, the international community, students, the academia, the civil society… all of us, work together to prevent trafficking in persons." Mariana Alegret stated. 

With the presence of 200 people, the State on Mexico was invited to join the Blue Heart and to  organized, together with UNODC awa  reness raising activities "all citizens need to participate in the prevention of trafficking in persons in our towns and communities".

For further information on the activity please contact Mariana Alegret and Victor Aguirre