Launching of project  "Developt of family skills for prevention of high-risk situations"

Last Thursday, November 18 th 2010, United Nations office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) and DIF Nuevo Leon officially presented the project titled: MEXX13 "Development of family skills for prevention of high-risk situations".

What this project is trying to do is to improve municipal capacities of the State of Nuevo Leon in order to prevent the abuse of drugs and other related conducts (crimes, precocious sexual relations, HIV/AIDS among children and teenagers) through the development of family skills by specialized actions operated by technical teams that are part of each municipal DIF.

Specifically, this project is aiming towards developing local capacities so they gain the abilities to design, develop, monitor and evaluate municipal projects focused on prevention, looking to promote quality in those specific projects and to be able to measure the effectiveness in the communities at which they are aimed.

During the launch of the project, Mr. Antonio Mazzitelli, Regional Representative for Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean from UNODC, pointed out that "all initiatives generated by the municipalities [in the context of this project] will constitute the first step link in a large chain that is aimed at forming each parent in each household as a promoter of values and healthy lifestyles."

On the other hand, Mrs. Gretta Salinas de Medina, President of DIF Nuevo Leon, stated that the project wants to "directly participate in the reduction of family violence, use and abuse of illegal substances, and gangs, among other social phenomena that are associated, by promoting healthy lifestyles and mechanisms for the pacific solution of conflicts".

For more information, please contact Mr. Javier Hernandez, Coordinator of the liaison office of  UNODC in Nuevo Leon to the following email: