The plenum of the Federal District Legislative Assembly approved the initiative of the Law for Integral Support to Psychoactive Substance Use.

Mexico, November 23 - The UNODC has provided technical support for the development and revision of the bill for the Integral Support to the Consumption of Psychoactive Substances, which includes, among its main characteristics, an approach on human and citizens rights with the implementation of an alternative justice model. As well, it foresees towards the creation of a specialized Institute and it establishes the bases to promote the Drug Courts model.

This initiative was announced during a ceremony at Palacio de Minería, headed by the chief of government of Mexico City, Marcelo Ebrard. The law´s main objectives are the establishment of guidelines for the management of public policies through the coordination and development of services. As well, it seeks to establish procedures to ensure citizen´s participation and family coexistence through the generation of knowledge in order to develop methods and strategies that encourage an integrated institutional network that includes the public and private institutions as well as NGOs.

In this context, it was highlighted the fact that this initiative is mainly focused on the prevention and treatment of addictions. Moreover, this initiative looks forward to the universality, equity and freedom of public policies that are being issued. Within the initiative, it is referred the case of Juvenile Offenders that are in conflict with the law for use and abuse of psychoactive substances; it is expected to create strategies as part of the treatment support for minors under 18 years old. This sector of the population is guided to the corresponding Judicial Board, in coordination with the local authorities and the Institute; these institutions will be in charge of following up and establishing an integral monitoring and rehabilitation programme.

The Institute functions will be the following:

  • Promote and coordinate actions towards the Integral Plan of Action through cooperative agreements with the public, academic, and private institutions for the support of integral care for the consumption of psychoactive substances in the territory of the Federal District.
  • Entailment with the National Council against Addictions.
  • Constant updating of the premises through the issuance of certificates to the Centers, public and private institutions.
  • Promote citizen participation through the publication of research investigations and meetings for information exchange.
  • Counseling to the Secretariat where necessary (serving as a coordinating and consultative body).
  • Create a network of public, private and social organizations and institutions to collaborate with the judicial authorities.

Consequently, the Regional Representative, Antonio Luigi Mazzitelli, recognized the efforts of the Federal District Government to address the problem of addictions. He highlighted the fact that the initiative is, primarily, a law aimed towards the promotion of the population´s health. Finally, he reaffirmed the commitment of the UNODC to provide technical assistance in order to strengthen the effort to undertake the implementation of such law.