Workshop on trafficking in persons for public officials

As part of the activities of the United Nations Global Initiative to Fight Human Trafficking (UN.GIFT) 40 public officials were trained during the "Workshop on trafficking in persons for public officials" which took place in Guatemala City, Guatemala from 24 to 26 November.

The inaugural act was chaired by Mr. Rafael Espada, Vice President of the Republic of Guatemala; Mr. Francisco Jiménez, Technical Secretariat of the National Council for Security; Ms. Mariela Marroquín, Executive Secretary of the Ministry against Violence and Trafficking in Persons (SVET); Mr. Felipe De La Torre, Crime Prevention Expert from UNODC; and Mr. Vladimir Osmán Aguilar, Director of the Judiciary School.

After the inaugural act, Mr. De La Torre officially presented the Training Manual for the Investigation of Trafficking in Persons document developed by UNODC and ILANUD which was tailor-made to address and strengthen investigative and penal prosecution capacities of Central American officials. The Manual includes the inputs of the Directors of the Training Units of Attorney Generals Offices of Central America and was validated in 5 countries if the region through pilot trainings. In addition, Mr. De La Torre introduced all materials -manuals and reports- that have been produced by UNODC globally. "UNODC expects this material to contribute in the professionalization of the investigation and prosecution of the crime of trafficking in persons within the region and to create a positive impact in Attorney Generals Offices" Mr. De La Torre concluded.

The core document for the activity was the "First Aid Kit for use by Law Enforcement Responders in addressing Human Trafficking". The workshop was lead by different national and international experts in the field of trafficking in persons including representatives of United Nations Agencies such as UNICEF and the UNHCR as well as NGOs such as Freedom House. The closing ceremony was conducted by Ms. Mariela Marroquín and Victor Aguirre from UNODC.