Foro Académico "Corazón Azul" en el que participan más de 300 estudiantes

The National Polytechnic Institute has become one of the most active partners of the "Blue Heart" campaign against human trafficking by hosting the activity "Dialogues with the community" in its high schools -hundreds across the county- and the recent Academic Forum held on October 20th.

Over 300 students from the areas of Medical Biological Sciences, Social and Management Sciences and Physical-mathematical Sciences gathered in the Main Auditorium of the Institute to participate in the forum which aimed at informing the university community about the risks of trafficking in persons and how close this crime can be of their own social environments.  

Ms. Rubí Blancas, National Programme Officer, was tasked by the UNODC to open the forum, accompanied by Ms. Omeheira López Reyna, Technical Secretary of the Inter-Secretariat Commission to Prevent and Punish Trafficking in Persons in México and Ms. Judith Reyna, Defender of student's rights. The event was also attended by representatives of the Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Sub-Coordinator of the Regional Project against Trafficking in Persons of UNODC, Mariana Alegret.

The forum began with the lecture "Human Trafficking: A Global Crime" by PhD. Sadot Sánchez Carreño. Throughout the morning, several experts discussed matters such as the role of media and educational institutions in the prevention of trafficking in persons through the dissemination of accurate information, as well as protection strategies which young people should consider when using social networking sites. The event was live broadcasted in the Institute's website which reaches thousands of young people across the country.

The forum concluded with the reading of the "Pacto del Corazón Azul" and the signing of it by the attendees.