UNODC participates in the presentation of the results of Mexico's National Survey on Victimization and Perceptions of Public Safety

September 20 th 2011

Within the framework of cooperation between the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), and Mexico's National Institute for Statistics and Geography (INEGI), established with the objective of generating statistical data and information to enhance policy making and policy assessment processes within the realms of justice and public safety, Mr. Antonio Mazzitelli participated in the presentation of the outcomes of  Mexico's 2011 National Survey on Victimization and Perceptions of Public Safety (ENVIPE for its Spanish acronym).

The aim of this survey is to inform the public about statistical estimates regarding the number of crime victims, as well as perceptions of public safety at the national and sub-national levels and the performance of the institutions responsible for protecting public order.

It is important to point out that throughout ENVIPE's design and implementation, INEGI espoused a number of methodological recommendations suggested by UNODC's experts in order to collect and produce better data which is more accurate and more suited for international comparability.

The implementation of such methodological adjustments reflects INEGI's professionalism and its institutional commitment to the production of the high quality information which is necessary to support decision-making processes meant to address Mexico's challenges regarding crime and insecurity.

Additionally, the publication of ENVIPE reaffirms the role of INEGI as a strategic partner as well as the role of the recently established Center of Excellence for Statistics on Government, Public Safety, Victimization and Justice, as a key body in the promotion of international methodological standards in the spheres of crime and victimization statistics.

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