"Human development for youth: overcoming the challenges of migration through employment"

Current Project Status:
Project Status as of 2010:
Latin America and Caribbean
Thematic Area:
Prevention Treatment and Rehabilitation
Result Area:
3-1. Community-centred prevention
Project Start Date:
07 Sep 2009
Project End Date:
31 Aug 2012

Project Description:

The Project HNDK10 is an inter-agency programme that expects to achieve in three years The Joint Program " Human development for youth: overcoming the challenges of migration through employment", has as purpose to contribute to generate worthy opportunities of employment and entrepreneurialism at the local level with a view toward discourage the intentions of irregular migration in youths between 15 and 29 years, in situation of vulnerability. To achieve its goals the programme will increase the capacity of insertion in a worthy way in the labor market and will promote the self-employment, generating conditions of equity; through a focus of productive chains, with highly potential for the generation of worthy employment. The programme will contemplate also, the strengthening of national and local institutional frameworks for the promotion of employment opportunities for the youth and the strengthening of the capacities of leadership, patriotism and identity through the construction of a vision of local development based on the formation on values. The Programme will be developed in the Honduran departments of La Paz, Comayagua and Intibucá, native territory Lenca, that presents mainly agricultural characteristics and with highly rates of unemployment and underemployment (near 58 thousand youth, equivalent to the 52% of the economically active young population -PEA acronyms in Spanish-) and with highly irregular migration. Therefore, in a joint effort, articulated and harmonized the programme HNDK10 will benefit 8,100 young men and women, between 15 and 29 years, from rural origins and with a high level of social vulnerability. Due that the project HNDK10 is and inter-agency programme, only the project summary can be found in the UNODC formats. The project document has been signed by the country and agencies authorities in the MDG-F format, and according to the Guidelines and Regulations of the Funds, no other project document can be signed for the same purposes. Also, according to the MDG-F operational guideline note, the PSC is regulated to a 7%.

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