MDG Programme: Economic Governance on Water and Sanitation Sectors of the RAAN and RAAS in Nicaragua

Current Project Status:
Project Status as of 2010:
Latin America and Caribbean
Thematic Area:
Anti Corruption
Result Area:
3-2. Corruption prevention
Project Start Date:
07 Jul 2009
Project End Date:
31 May 2012
Project Description
The project NICT43 is an inter-agency programme that expects to achieve in three years an economic and democratic governance on the sector of water and sanitation in two autonomous regions of Nicaragua (RAAN and RAAS). The MDG Programme will be develop at local (municipalities), regional and federal levels in order to promote the participation and coordination of social and institutional key actors for the strengthening of the legal framework, the operation of services and the infrastructure of water and sanitation available for indigenous communities living at the Atlantic coast of Nicaragua. For this purpose, UNODC participates along with UNICEF, ILO, WHO/PAHO, UNCDF, UNDP and UNESCO. Each UN agency works within the capacity and expertise of their mandate to complement together an integral approach. UNODC has the objective to develop an anti corruption component that will facilitate transparency, efficiency, evaluation and accountability within the administrative development of the programme. Due that the project NICT43 is and inter-agency programme, only the project summary can be found in the UNODC formats. The project document has been signed by the country and agencies authorities in the MDG-F format, and according to the Guidelines and Regulations of the Funds, no other project document can be signed for the same purposes. Also, according to the MDG-F operational guideline note, the PSC is regulated to a 7%.