Improving citizens' security in Panama-contributing to the social construction of peace

Current Project Status:
Project Status as of 2010:
Latin America and Caribbean
Thematic Area:
Criminal Justice Reform
Result Area:
1-3. Criminal justice systems: more accessible, accountable and effective
Project Start Date:
02 Feb 2010
Project End Date:
31 Jan 2013
Project Description
The increase in violence and risk factors, together with a growing perception of insecurity, and the increasing complexity of criminal activity has become a major concern in Panama. In the last years there is an increment in homicides, thefts, and domestic violence. The objective of this MDG Program is to contribute to the social prevention of violence and crime; the strengthening of institutional mechanisms and policies in the security sector, and the increase of the knowledge to support the creation of new public policies. In this context UNODC will provide technical expertise to develop a system of record of weapons at the national level, also UNODC will provide training and assessing national and local authorities, of the justice field, and will contribute to the modernization of the Penitentiary System, specially developing pilot programs about restorative justice and alternatives to imprisonment, for juvenile offenders, training for authorities and the develop of two pilot models for centers for adolescents in conflict with the law. These activities contribute to achieve Outcome 2 on the MDG Program. This project document therefore complements the submission within UNDOC format of MDG Project Document. Due that the project PANU73 is and inter-agency programme, only the project summary can be found in the UNODC formats. The project document has been signed by the country and agencies authorities in the MDG-F format, and according to the Guidelines and Regulations of the Funds, no other project document can be signed for the same purposes. Also, according to the MDG-F operational guideline note, the PSC is regulated to a 7%.