Santo Domingo Pact - Managua Mechanism (SICA - UNODC)

Current Project Status:
Project Status as of 2010:
Latin America and Caribbean
SubRegion - Central America
Thematic Area:
Anti Organized Crime
Result Area:
1-2. International cooperation in criminal justice matters
Project Start Date:
01 Jun 2010
Project End Date:
31 Dec 2013

Project Description

The Santo Domingo Pact and Managua Mechanism (SICA-UNODC) is an inter-regional technical assistance programme with the objective of facilitating periodical consultations and strategic partnerships at the expert and policy levels in order to more effectively identify and implement coordinated responses to illicit trafficking and transnational organized crime affecting the Caribbean and Central America. The Santo Domingo Pact / Managua Mechanism (SICA-UNODC) or SDP/MM is a tool that helps develop and reinforce regional and international partnerships, as well as foster increased information sharing/exchange, thus strengthening data collection and analytical capacities related to drug trafficking and serious transnational organized crime, including the illicit traffic of firearms and human beings, as well as money-laundering and corruption. It aims at providing efficient technical assistance to SDP/MM partner countries in order to facilitate their efforts in ratifying and implementing relevant provisions of existing international drug and crime conventions and universal instruments against terrorism.