Multi-Sectoral Drug Control Assistance to the Government of Bahrain

Project Duration: 02/03/2007 - 31/12/2008

Total Budget: US$ 535,600

Donor: Bahrain


Bahrain Ministry of Interior


Target Groups

The Inter-Ministerial Committee

The Anti-Narcotic Administration (ANA)

Customs border control and related law enforcement offices and units

Ministry of Health

Ministry of Education


Outline and Objectives

The project is based on a request by the Government of Bahrain to UNODC and UNDP to assist the Government and relevant institutions in strengthening the capacities for drug control in the field of supply as well as demand reduction.The project aims to address the increasing problems of abuse and trafficking of drugs in Bahrain by improving the capacity of the Government of Bahrain within the fields of drug demand reduction and drug law enforcement. As a joint programme between UNDP, Bahrain, and UNODC Regional Office for the Middle East and North Africa, the technical assistance under the project will be implemented through joint cooperation. The overall objective of the project is to reduce the increasing trend in drug abuse, drug trafficking and related criminal activities by:

  1. Strengthening the capacity of the Inter-Ministerial Committee for Drug Control to develop, coordinate, plan and implement sound and effective drug control strategies and programmes
  2. Upgrading the skills of law enforcement officials to counter illicit drug trafficking and related crime through the Bahraini territory

Key Achievements

  • Development of a comprehensive technical cooperation programme